Information theory by David MacKay at the 2009 machine learning summer school (all lectures)

Bootcamp in machine learning (organized in Vilanova 2007)

The evolution of cooperation by Karl Sigmund

Evolution, ecology and behavior by Stephen C. Stearns

(check out academicearth.org and  videolectures.net for more online courses)

Dissertations/Mémoires/Thesissen* (VUB/ULB)

Presentation given at ULB (French)


Machine learning


Cancer dynamics

Complex networks and the evolution of cooperation

The evolution of conventions

Evolutionary algorithms

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Slides AIMA can be found here

Pecha Kucha* presentations

Cellular pecha kucha (Brussels Vol.04 2008)

Evolution of cooperation and networks (Campus talks VUB 2009)

*Pecha Kucha Brussels was launched by Alok Nandi, Architempo in collaboration with VUB CROSSTALKS in November 2007.

Some interesting online video courses:

Master programs

Check out the ULB Master in Bioinformatics and Modeling and the ULB/VUB Master in Computational Intelligence

Erasmus Information

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