ARC "Convective instabilities in porous media and sea ice (CONVINCE)"

Global warming is nowadays clearly recognized to be related to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Sequestration in geological subsurface zones like saline aquifers for instance or sink in sea ice and further in the deeper ocean of such gases are two key processes that can help to respectively reduce these concentrations and refine our prognostic scenarios. This project will study the dynamics of convective transport and instabilities of greenhouse gases (GHG) in porous media and sea ice by combined field scale measurements, laboratory-scale experimental studies and theoretical modelling. The goal is to provide fundamental understanding of how convective instabilities affect the efficiency of sequestration conditions and global exchanges of GHG with sea ice. To do so, researchers will combine their complementary expertise in glaciology, sea ice systems, nonlinear dynamics, chemistry, hydrodynamics, physics and modelling to design synergetic laboratory scale experiments and numerical simulations devoted to enlighten the interpretation of field scale data.

This project is coordinated by Nonlinear Physical Chemistry Unit - Anne De Wit and involves Bernard Knaepen and Jean-Louis Tison, all from the Faculté des Sciences.


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