How to do your research ?

Step by step: tips and tricks.

1. The University dorms really are the ideal accommodation for a student. The rooms in residences are assigned to students by an admission committee who follows priority rules. You need to register online for a room in these residences. Be careful: a registration does not guarantee you a place in a residence, as the demands are nowadays bigger than the availability. Note: You do not need to wait for your admission at the ULB to apply for a room.

2.The private residences are also reserved in priority to ULB students. The difference with the University dorms is that they are managed by their owner. It is a “first-come, first served” system.

3. The housing supply has developed strongly the past few years to overcome the accommodation shortage, especially because of private partner’s offers and the development of flat sharing. Getting a room this way is always easier and quicker if you have the possibility to meet your potential roommates, as they rather want to see the students with whom they are possibly going to share their accommodation. If you cannot, always prefer contact by phone call rather than an email. You can also propose video appointments via Skype. Feel free to check our database regularly to keep you informed of the latest offers of private owner.

4. Do not rush towards real estate agencies. If an offer interests you, just give a phone call or write to the contact person mentioned in the announcement and ask if the offer comes directly from the owner, or if you need to contact a real estate agency.

5. Consult a map of Bruxelles and check the travel time between the accommodation proposed and the ULB campus. Some accommodations may seem far away from the campuses but it is not always the case. The public transports are efficient and the university is very well served.

6. If you do not find the ideal accommodation for your arrival date, you still can accept a temporary offer. Once the rush of the start of the academic year is over, last minute changes and the word of mouth between students will offer you opportunities to find something else. You should know that many students graduate in January and free their rooms!