Finding an accommodation

The "Office du Logement" offers a wide variety of accommodations: rooms in university dorms, in private residences, in community houses or in boarding schools, apartments and flats with or without furniture, studios, inter-generational housings...

Located on or off campus, the price of these accommodations varies depending on the equipment, luxury and comfort of the place.

Inside campus, the ULB offers two types of accommodations:

- Residential dorms, for a 10 months period, directly managed by the University itself;

- Private residences, for a 6 to 12 months period.

Off campus, the ULB works with private partners residences, but also other types of private accommodations, listed on the PLE Database or on our personal Database

University residences are exclusively reserved for students and future students registered at the ULB.

Private partners manage their residences independently; they have their own rules, but the residences are naturally suitable for students’ expectations and needs.

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