Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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6 reasons for choosing ULB

Inbound (IN) Mobility


IN International chairs

Financing of International Chairs is intended for inviting to ULB scientists for a period of one month to work together on teaching and/or research.

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IN Post-doctoral students

“Open to the world”:

Post-doctoral grants for one academic year, intended to welcome to ULB foreign post-doctoral students.

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Doctoral Students from Developing Countries

Doctoral grants to let students from developing countries take a university course at ULB with a view to returning to their countries.
These grants seek to help train university professors and the management of these countries, in order to contribute to their development. The scholarships are awarded through the Xénophilia Fund pdf, the Jacques Lewin Inès Henriques de Castro Fund pdf and the ULB cooperation grant funds.

Payment of loans pdf

The new forms are availableword.

List of winners of Lewin and Xenophilia grants for the 2009-2010 academic yearpdf.

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Cooperation Chair

(Ends 01/02/2011)

In order to both stimulate and strengthen partnerships, which are part of the University’s strategic development policy, the academic authorities set aside one cooperation chair per year in order to invite a researcher from a partner university in the South.

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