Doctoral school and PHD

The PhD in Psychology and Education is intended for students who wish to train for a career in scientific research on completion of their Master degree.

What is a PhD?

In short: training for a career in research by carrying out research. A PhD candidate is therefore both a student and a researcher. As a student, you take part in specialised seminars, advanced courses and scientific conferences that will enable you to acquire the specialised knowledge and methods required to conduct your research. As a researcher, you are integrated in a university team, supervised and advised by an experienced academic supervisor, with the goal of contributing to the production of knowledge on a specific topic in your chosen field.

A PhD, for what purpose?

The PhD is the highest degree awarded by universities. It gives access to careers in higher education, in both universities and higher education institutions. It also gives access to positions involving research responsibilities, conceptual skills and creativity, in both the public and private sectors, and enables you to embark on a career in research.


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