Faculty of Psychology and Education

Born out of the former “School of Education” created around a century ago with a view to improving teacher training, the Faculty of Psychology and Education has continued to grow ever since. The development of the Faculty reflects increased societal needs, the multiplication and growing specialisation of “people-focussed careers”, and is directly reflected in the organization of our programmes.

Our Bachelor Programme comprises two orientations that share the same objectives: to transmit scientific knowledge on the functioning of the mind, while placing it in the context of the history of ideas - and to provide tools permitting the identification and understanding of individual and group behaviours and attitudes.

The wide variety of our disciplines is also reflected in the organization of research. The Faculty currently includes six research centres bringing together professors, teaching assistants, researchers and PhD students in teams that contribute to the production of knowledge, in interaction and often in collaboration with colleagues from around the world.

At the crossroads of the humanities and life sciences, careers in Psychology and Education are extraordinarily varied, but they all put individuals and human beings, in all their richness and complexity, at the centre of their focus.


The Faculty currently has more than 1,800 students. The teaching staff on all programmes includes lecturers-researchers and practitioners, in order to offer content and activities that are both directly connected to the evolution of investigative methods and knowledge and attuned to the reality of work environments.

As from the first year of the Master degree, placements play an important part in all programmes. These enable students to have their first experience of immersion in a work environment, under the guidance of a supervisor known to the Faculty. Seminars are organised on a regular basis and are run by specific lecturers with a view to enabling students on placements to take a step back, share their positive experience and their difficulties, and benefit from close guidance.

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