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Gaétane Ronsmans


  • BA in Geography, ULB (2009-2012)
  • MA in Environmental Sciences, ULB (2012-2014).
  • Master Thesis: Etude de la restauration d’une dune de sable en fonction du développement de la végétation dans la zone sèche du Sri Lanka
  • PhD student in Sciences, ULB, FRIA grant (2014-present)

PhD project

Variability in stratospheric ozone and nitric acid concentrations from multivariable regressions applied to IASI/Metop measurements
The project has for main objective to understand the temporal and spatial variability of ozone and nitric acid concentrations in the stratosphere, through satellite measurements. The IASI instrument on Metop satellite now provides more than 7 years of measurements. Thus, temporal series of 10 years for HNO3 and O3 will be available by the end of the thesis, providing the necessary insight to establish long term trends. A key step will be to identify the factors responsible for the observed changes in these layers, and a statistical approach will be used in order to quantify their influence. The project will also focus on the polar regions, since most of the ozone destruction occurs in these latitudes. The IASI instrument allows nighttime measurements and is thus perfectly suited for the observation of the processes occurring during the polar winter, and leading to ozone destruction and denitrification. A more precise understanding of the polar chemistry and dynamics should thus be possible


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