VK Architects & Engineers

VK provides architecture and engineering services in an interdisciplinary approach for Healthcare (hospitals, mental health and senior living) and for Industry. VK provides engineering services for public authorities, private investors and architects with a focus on integrated design in Buildings, Industry, Healthcare and Public Space.

Healthcare Design

VK offers you more than 60 years of experience in the design and engineering of hospitals, facilities for mental healthcare and for senior living. In doing so, our experts ensure the right balance between technology and human dignity, based on a broad concept of sustainability.

VK is acknowledged as a leading agency on the Belgian Healthcare market. Its portfolio now contains the design and construction of five ‘greenfield’ hospitals with more than 700 beds, in addition to ongoing projects for several other large hospitals (Grand Hôpital de Charleroi, UZ Brussel, New Erasme,…), senior care organisations and mental healthcare institutions.

VK is active on an international scale, with offices in Vietnam where it is putting its expertise and knowhow on the market. As an interdisciplinary A&E firm, we integrate all VK services within the design and construction process, from master planning, programming, architecture and engineering to interior design and landscaping.

Building Engineering

VK offers engineering services to develop buildings in various markets, both private and public, such as offices, education, hospitality and leisure, public and government and residential. Our multi-disciplinary consulting engineers undertake studies in M&E engineering and civil and structural engineering, from mechanical, electrical engineering and plumbing, over data communication, security, acoustical, façade and fire engineering, to concrete and structural studies.

Having a proven track record with many renowned architects, VK proudly looks back on a portfolio with many challenging and large-scale projects, that include new constructions, as well as renovations of (classified) monuments, expert's assessments and management exploitations. The new NATO-headquarters, the Antwerp law courts or the Police Tower in Charleroi are but a few examples.

VK Architects & Engineers

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