Cutting edge research

There are four flagship biomedical and life sciences research centres and institutes in Biopark Charleroi Brussels South:

  • The Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM). Opened in 1999, this was the ULB’s first installation at the Aéropole, and combines teams from the ULB Medicine and Science departments. The teams study the molecular mechanisms that govern the biology of living beings and contribute to medical advances in the fight against diseases such as AIDS, cancer, sleep, allergies, and sleeping sickness. (Learn more)

  • The Institute for Medical Immunology (IMI). This institute, formed by members of the ULB Medicine Department, was opened in 2004 as part of a partnership between the ULB, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (GSK) and Région Wallonne. Its research projects take a cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates new technology, and are organised around four key themes: immunostimulants, infant immunology, organ transplant, and immunological biomarkers. Its ambition is to become a European centre for excellence in immunology. (Learn more)

  • The Centre for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI). This multimodal imaging centre was born of a partnership between ULB and UMONS in 2010, and received financial support from the European Union and Wallonia (ERDF). It is one of the few centres in Europe where all types of analysis – from individual molecules to small animals – can be performed in the same place. (Learn more)

  • The Biopark is also home to the Laboratoire de biotechnologie végétale (LBV), from the ULB Science Department The LBV studies the molecular mechanisms that control vegetable development, and its interactions with its biotic and abiotic environment. (Learn more) (Learn more)

In total, over 300 scientists from 30 countries around the world come to work at the Biopark Charleroi Brussels South every day, and Biopark teams take part in various European, national, and regional research programmes.

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