Novasep Belgium (ex-Henogen)

Henogen was the first ULB spin-off to set-up on the Aéropole de Charleroi. The pharmaceutical and bioengineering company specialised in the development and production of biomolecules for third parties. In July 2009, Novasep announced it had acquired the spin-off, and Henogen became a subsidiary of NovasepProcess, the "biomolecule" division of the French leader in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Novasep Belgium produces recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, subunit or attenuated living vaccines, as well as viral vectors, on an industrial scale.

Novasep Belgium

Rue Clément Ader 16,
B-6041 Gosselies.
T. +32 (0)71 34 79 00
F. +32 (0)71 34 79 73
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