Laboratoire de biotechnologie végétale (LBV)

The Laboratoire de biotechnologie végétale (LBV) seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that control vegetable development and its interactions with the environment, especially:

  • Understanding the molecular mechanisms that underpin the development of wood in Poplar trees

  • Studying the epigenetic mechanisms that govern prokaryotes-eukaryotes that induce plant hyperplasia

  • Researching prokaryote-prokaryote and prokaryote-eukaryote communication mechanisms

  • Using the hyperplasia-inducing bacteria Rhodococcus fascians to preserve and foster plant biodiversity.

The LBV was launched by the ULB Science Department, and plays an active role in University Development Cooperation: it sifts through plants used in African medicine, looking for molecules with antimicrobial properties. On the Biopark since 2006, the LBV works particularly closely with DNA Vision, as part of a genome sequencing project.

Contact: Mondher El-Jaziri

Rue Adrienne Bolland 8,
B-6041 Gosselies
T. +32(0)71 37 85 72
F. +32(0)71 37 85 78