Biopark is more than just a university campus; it also hosts cutting edge technology and industry, with a range of businesses currently operating on the Biopark. The companies are able to grow in an environment where relationships can be built and ideas exchanged with all of those involved in biotech innovation: ULB and UMONS lab facilities and fundamental research, support for new businesses from promotion and research units, hosting facilities, and training in new technologies.

Today, about 20 companies currently take advantage of the services and expertise available on the campus. Many of them are ULB spin-offs, stemming from university's labs. Most companies are actives in the life science sector:

SA Biopole ULB Charleroi, that manages certain buildings, and i-Tech Incubator SA, that offers hosting solutions to new businesses, have settled down on the campus. The Incubator also hosts several other services or engineering companies.

Together, these companies represent about 800 jobs within the Aéropole, making the Biopark a major player in the socio-economic development of the Charleroi region.