With facilities in Montreal (Canada) and Gosselies (Belgium), Caprion offers a wide range of specialized bioanalytical services to its worldwide biopharmaceutical partners. Caprion’s ImmuneCarta® business unit, which includes its Gosselies site, offers immune monitoring services based on multiparametric flow cytometry, ELISpot assays and serological assays, in a GLP/GCLP environment. Through its IC services, Caprion supports pre-clinical and clinical Phase I/II studies in various therapeutic areas, including immune oncology, vaccine development, infectious disease and auto-immune disease. Caprion is also well recognized for its ProteoCartaTM services which use mass spectrometry for the comprehensive, quantitative and robust comparative measurement of proteins across large sets of biological samples of various types. ProteoCartaTM services range from discovery and validation of protein biomarkers and therapeutic targets to bioanalytical services for the absolute quantification of clinical biomarkers under GLP. In addition, Caprion leverages ProteoCartaTM to offer productized analytical services in support to biologics manufacturing (identification and quantification of host cell proteins), discovery of neo-epitopes, microbiome characterization and measurement of proprietary diabetes pancreatic beta cell and tuberculosis diagnostic markers. For more details on Caprion’s offering, please visit:

rue A. Bolland 8

B-6041 Gosselies.
T. +32 (0)71 96 23 36