What happens with your email address when you leave the university

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The university can only offer access to Internet and offer an email address to members of the university - personnel and enrolled students.

If you are no longer a member of the university, your email address and computer accounts will be closed automatically. You will however be notified in advance by email, so that you have some time to make the necessary arrangements.

For as long as your account physically exists on the server, even when you no longer can access it, you can have mail arriving at your ULB or VUB address automatically forwarded to another (a new) address. This will remain available until your account is removed from the server.

The sooner you have an alternative address, the more time you have to inform your correspondents to use the new address.

Recently graduated?

If you are an alumnus of the university, your university address will remain available at least 1 year after graduating, in order to ensure the transition to your private or professional address. Access to other computer facilitites will be closed however (among which the computer rooms). You will of course be notified of this in advance by email.

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