Modifying files on the Z-drive with FTP

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The files that you work on in the public computerrooms on the VUB in buildings B and K on campus Etterbeek - the so-called Z-drive - are stored on a fileserver called NESTOR. If you wish to access or modify these files from a computer at home, you need to do so with FTP.

Before you can access a file, you first need to download it from the server to your local computer. You can do this with an FTP program. To logon onto the server, you need to specify your VUB username and password.

Once the file has been downloaded, you can read and modify it.

Once the changes have been made, you can upload the file to the server with an FTP program. To logon onto the server, you need to specify your VUB username and password again.

Uploading and downloading files with Windows Explorer

Windows users can also use Windows Explorer - beware: this is not Internet Explorer! - to upload files to and from NESTOR from their local hard drives.

To logon onto the server, enter the address

After entering the address, Windows Explorer will ask you for your password on the server.

After logging on, you will see the files on NESTOR in your window.

To modify a file, you first have to drag it from NESTOR to your local hard drive. After making the changes, you can drag it to the window with your NESTOR files and replace the version on the server.

It may seem possible to make changes on a file by double-clicking it, however you will be working on a temporary version of your file and changes will NOT be saved back to the server.
If you only wish to view a file, you can double-click the filename to view certain types of files.

Peter Van Rossem

username is your VUB username/loginname (ex. dpeeters)

An FTP program such as Filezilla (PC) or Fetch (Mac) offers you a more flexible way to upload and download files. You can also delete files with an FTP program, which is not possible with Windows Explorer.

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