Map the Z-drive on your local computer

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The files that you work on in the public computerrooms on the VUB in buildings B and K on campus Etterbeek - the so-called Z-drive - are stored on a fileserver called NESTOR. You can also access and modify these files from other computers located on the VUB campus.

The technique used is called Samba. By giving the necessary instructions on your computer, you "map" a network drive as an external disk on your computer.

On PC, you can do this through the Windows Explorer:

1. Choose 'Map Network Drive...' from the Tools menu
2. Choose a letter as network drive (vb. Z) and type \\\username

On Macintosh, you can do so through the Finder (MacOS X only).
1. Choose 'Connect to server...' from the Go menu
2. Enter the address smb://

Your documents will now be accessible from your local computer.

Peter Van Rossem

You cannot get access to NESTOR or the Z-drive with SAMBA from computers outside the university.

username is your username/loginname at the VUB (ex. dpeeters).

Make sure that you are using the same username in Windows 95/98/ME as your VUB username when you try to logon onto your Z-drive.

You can specify another username to access your Z-drive than the one you're logged on with in Windows NT/2000/XP.

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