Access your files on the Z-drive

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The files that you work on in the public computerrooms on the VUB in buildings B and K on campus Etterbeek - the so-called Z-drive - are stored on a fileserver called NESTOR. You can also access and modify these files from other computers.

The easiest way to access files on your Z-drive is to logon on one of the computers in the above computerrooms. The files will be automatically accessible from the computer you are working on.

If you do not work in any of these computerrooms, you can also access the files from another computer located at the university (through SAMBA). To do this, you need to map the Z-drive on your local computer as an external disk. For details, see the links below.

If wish to access these files from outside the university, you only can do so with FTP (file transfer). You first need to download the files to your local computer before you can read or modify them. For more details, please see the links below.

Peter Van Rossem

You cannot access NESTOR or the Z-drive with SAMBA from computers outside the university.

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