How to Filter unsolicited email (SPAM) in Outlook ?

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You can use the spam-status generated by our anti-spam tool to filter out unwanted messages in Outlook on your desktop computer.

To achieve this in Outlook you can use the Rules Wizard (from the Tools menu while you are looking at the In Box). You need to start from a Blank rule, check the incoming mail and search "any header".

To define your filter

1) Set the Search content to X-Spam-Status: Yes


2) save the messages into the Folder Spam
This will save messages that are tagged by the anti-spam tool into your Spam folder.

Johan D'Hondt -

It is not possible to define this filter in Outlook Express. Therefore you will have to filter spam-messages directly on the mailserver (see link above).
June 2004

The Computing Centre will take a new anti-spam server into production in the coming weeks and you will no longer be able to filter messages based on the number of * in the X-Spam-Status header.
Peter Van Rossem - 01/03/2007

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