Put away unsolicited email (SPAM)

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On the mailserver at the Computing Centre, all messages receive a "spam-status". You can use this information to filter unwanted email automatically.

The easiest way to filter messages is by activating the anti-spam filtering mechanism in Webmail3/Tools. This allows you to turn on or off the spam filter very easily.

For all accounts created after 25 April 2007, the spam filter will be activated automatically on the server. You can turn it off through Webmail3/Tools.
Messages that have received a spam-status Yes will automatically be diverted to your Spam Folder on the mailserver so that these message no longer will clutter your Inbox. Spam messages will be kept for 45 days in your Spam folder, and you can inspect them through Webmail/Folders for possible errors.

You can also filter messages in Outlook or Mac Mail and store them on your local computer, rather than to have them filtered in Webmail.

Peter Van Rossem -

The attribution of a spam-value also works if you forward your email to another emailadres.
Eric Luyten - 28/04/2005

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