Scheduled maintenance of ULB backbone routers on Friday 25/05

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The main ULB backbone routers will be updated and restarted Friday 25/5 morning between 7:00 and 8:00. A brief unavailability period is expected. Also, the main fiber between Brussels and Gosselies will be reconfigured by our supplier sometime Friday 25/5. There is a possibility telephony services might be briefly impacted. Data services should not as there is a backup link.

Earlier announcements and interruptions

On Tuesday May 8th there will be a small network interruption
7 May 2018

On Tuesday May 8th, between 20h30 and 21h00 there will be an interruption of 5 minutes for the connection line between Solbosch and Gosselies.
There should be no impact, as it concerns the backup line.

ULB Wireless infrastructure unavailable on Saturday May 5th
3 May 2018

On Saturday May 5th, from 8 AM till 12 AM, the ULB Wireless infrastructure - all campuses (including Eduroam, Solbosch WiFi etc) - will be unavailable due to a major upgrade.

The network connection between Solbosch and Erasme is up again
30 March 2018

Due to a non-ULB intervention the network connection between Solbosch and Erasme was down on March 29. The service was restored on March 30 at 1 AM.

Mail deliveries to delayed
12 December 2017

Mail deliveries to Erasme ( are delayed since Thursday afternoon (no response from Erasme mailserver).

ULB webserver will be inaccessible for max. 5 minutes
12 June 2016

The ULB webserver will be inaccessible for max. 5 minutes on Tuesday, 14 June at 10 AM.

ULB mailserver no longer blacklisted at Proofpoint

The ULB mailserver is no longer blacklisted with Proofpoint. While it was, sending messages to any organisation that used Proofpoint as anti-spam measure would reject messages, among which Apple. At this time, messages are delivered again without issues to these organisations.

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