Loosing email messages

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Older messages sometimes disappear from your Inbox on the mailserver. As a result, those messages can no longer be read with Webmail.

When messages have disappeared unexpectedly from your Inbox, it is likely that you have consulted your mailbox through the POP server, f.i. with Outlook or Mail.

The default configuration of a POP program is to delete messages from the server once they have been downloaded to the local computer. Once they have been deleted from the server, they will no longer be available in Webmail.

You can instruct your mailprogram to leave a copy of the messages on the server for a number of days. For details, see the Links below.


Webmail only shows the 40 most recent messages in your mailbox. To see all messages in your mailbox, click on the link 'Show all' at the end of the list.

You can also have a look at the messages in your Trash folder in Webmail, perhaps a message was deleted by accident.

Some messages may also have been tagged incorrectly as spam by our antispam tool and have been diverted to your 'Spam' mailbox. Those messages can be retrieved from your 'Spam' mailbox.

Johan D'Hondt

After the restructuring of the mailserver in the summer of 2006 the Computing Centre has changed its policy for cleaning up older messages from the Inbox. Today, only messages in the Spam and Trash folder are automatically removed after 45 days.
Peter Van Rossem - 21/01/2010

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