Creating a strong password

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A good password should be hard to guess, but easy to remember

A good password is above all, a strong password. That implies it would be very difficult to retrieve it even with the use of tools. The strength of the password relies mainly on it's length and on the number of possible inputs for each composing character.

Therefore, a password containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters is much harder to retrieve, making your account more safer. Nonetheless, a good password should be easy enough to remember. Naturally,given the password is too difficult to remember, the user will find unsafe methods of
"remembering" it such as writing it down on a post-it note close to his computer or even creating a document in one's computer storing the password. In order to maintain the complicated nature of the password while making it easy to remember, there are certain memory-aid suggestions one could use:

The phonetic method:

This method uses the sound each syllable in a word or sentence makes to create a character combination.

-For instance, the sentence: "Rate my password!" becomes "R8mypswd!"
-Or the pirate phrase: "AYE Matey!" could be written as "Im80!"
-You could use SMS or texting "language" to create a phonetic password.
-Don't forget to mix upper and lower case letters and to include numbers!

The "first letter" method:

This method uses the first letters of each word out of a quote or title in order to create an easy to remember "senseless" combination.

For example, the quote "I think, therefore I am" would become "ITtf1M" (using 1 instead of "i" and the phonetic pronunciation of the verb "am" as simply "M")

Imposed password criteria:

Certain criteria are imposed on users to ensure a safe password. Those include:

- a certain length (at least 7 characters but 8 are recommended)
- the password must not be the same as any of your previous passwords
- while logging-in, a limited number of trials is allowed until your account is blocked
- the password must contain different types of characters (lower and upper case,
numbers, special characters)
- the password may not be a word found in a dictionary (with or without numbers
included; ex: computer123 is NOT allowed)

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