Keyboard in VDI has switched to QWERTY/AZERTY

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When logging on onto the VDI environment the keyboard may have switched from AZERTY to QWERTY or vice-versa. It is however easy to switch back to the former keyboard.

If your keyboard has switched to another keyboard within the VDI environment, you can try to press the ALT and SHIFT key simultaneously to switch to another keyboard in VDI, or click the language icon in the lower right corner and select the other language.

It doesn't work/I have no other languages available

On some occasions the "other" keyboard is no longer available in the VDI environment. In that case, you'll have to reinstall it manually.

Do do so:

- click on the Start button in the lower left corner
- type intl.cpl in the search box and press enter/return

The region and Language settings will appear. In it, select the Keyboards and Languages tab, and click on Change keyboards...

If the keyboard of your choice is available, you can select it and click Apply and close the window.

If it is not, click on the Add... button and search in the list for the keyboard of your choice, e.g. Dutch (Belgium).

Open it by clicking on the small + sign, and then click on the + sign next to Keyboard. Then check the checkbox of the keyboard you wish, e.g. Belgian (Period), and click OK.

Select your preferred keyboard in the Installed services and click Apply.

Your newly added keyboard should (again) be available to you.

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