Conversion of a Webmail3 Address Book for Roundcube

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You can export your Webmail3 Address Book in vCard-format. This file you can then import in Roundcube Webmail.

If you have already some contacts in Webmail3 then you need to export these contacts first.

Go to, log in with your name and password.
Go to Tools and select o Export Address Book (VCARD format)

Save the file on your desktop.
Go back to Roundcube.
Click on Import Contacts

Browse to the saved file and select import. (You can select 147replace the entire address book, it will not have any effect the first time, because your address book is empty)

All your contacts from Webmail3 are now stored in Roundcube.


The philosophy behind the Addressbook is different in Webmail3 and Roundcube.

If you have defined a "Name" (contact) in Webmail3 that contains the e-mail addresses of different persons, this "Name" will not be imported correctly in Roundcube.

If you notice that a number of contacts from your Webmail3 Address Book are not imported correctly in Roundcube, you probably will have to correct them manually in Roundcube.

Unfortunately there is no general solution available for this problem at this time.

Herman Verhoeven -

Philosophy of the "Address Book" in Webmail3 vs Roundcube.

In Webmail3, a "Name" (contact) is a list of addresses to which a message will be sent if this Name is selected when composing an e-mail.

In Roundcube, a "Name" is a list of alternative addresses for one person (the "Contact").

If you have used the e-mail address of one person in different Names in Webmail3, the address will only by added to one of the imported Names in Roundcube.

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