Creating a survey for VUB researchers and students

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Limesurvey is an open-source survey system that allows users to develop and manage online surveys. The software has been installed on the VUB webserver so that staff and students can use it for their research purposes.

How to apply for an account

Members of staff who wish to create a survey for their research can apply for an account by sending an e-mail to

VUB students can also apply for an account, by asking their promotor to send a request on their behalf to

Once the account has been created, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the user's VUB e-mail address which contains the details on how to access the system.

Limesurvey is pretty straightforward to use and has an online help system. A more extensive manual (in English) is also available on the Limesurvey website. It also includes answers to most frequently asked questions.

Labelsets and templates

While Limesurvey allows users to create their own labelsets and templates, the creation of labelsets is coordinated by the Computing Centre, and the standard template is the VUB template. If you wish to create a specific labelset, you can send your description and the different answer values to

In Limesurvey 1.91+ - the currently installed version - labelset management has changed considerably versus older versions. In his version labelsets have become mostly obsolete.


When you create a new survey, don't forget to specify the name of the Administrator, the Administrator's email and the Bounce email in the Survey properties.

And some (important) suggestions

To fill out a survey each respondent has a certain amount of time (3 hours, counting from starting to fill out the survey). If one needs to interrupt filling out the survey, e.g. to attend a meeting, it is advisable for the respondent to "save" the already given responses for later. To do so, he/she can click on the "Resume later" link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

If you have finished collecting responses, you can make the survey inaccessible by specifying an "Expiry date" in the Survey properties (section Publication and access control). We advise your strongly NOT to deactivate your survey, as you won't have access to the responses anymore.
If you have deactivated your survey by accident, you can re-import the previous responses. It is imperative that you haven't changed anything to the structure of your survey for this to work. For more info, see the Links below.

If you wish to include VUB members and students in your survey, you can announce it in the electronic newsletter which is sent to members of staff and students. You can use the online form of the newsletter to write a small announcement text.

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