Roundcube Webmail

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Roundcube Webmail is a webmailclient that you can use to consult your VUB/ULB mailbox from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Roundcube offers all modern mailfunctions, such as sending and receiving Rich Text/HTML messages, an addressbook, mail folders, a search function and managing multiple identities and filters.

To use Roundcube you should login on:

Logging on onto Roundcube is easy: just specify your NetID as Username and enter its associated password. Do *not* log on with your e-mail address, just log on with your NetID.

Once you are logged on, you will see the messages that are available to you on the mailserver. You can read them, send a reply, delete them, forward them, move them into mail folders,...

A final note: when logging on onto Roundcube for the first time, a new identity will be created for you. Verify the settings of this identity and correct them if necessary.

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