Pure: VUB research database

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Pure is the database in which all metadata concerning research is stored. It replaces R&D-net. The database resorts under the R&D-department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

All VUB-staff can log in to Pure using their NetID. Staff from the EhB can log in, provided they request access. PhD-students without a staff affiliation can ask their promotor to have them registered as an affiliate member, so they can also access the database.

The three main components are:

1. Teams
2. Research output
3. Projects

Research groups and their members are administered in Pure. New research groups get officially approved at the research council and get created in Pure afterwards. The head of each research group can add or remove members to their research groups by sending an email to with the member's name, staff number and date of affiliation.

Each researcher is responsible for entering his/her research output in Pure. Publications can be entered at any stage, but will only be validated after they have been published.

All projects inside the VUB are kept in Pure. These data are used, among others, for reporting to the FRIS-portal of the Flemish community. Pure is used as source for reporting to the government. The most important reports are towards the VABB and towards FRIS.

The database can also be consulted online through the Pure portal.

For more information, FAQs and links to both Pure and the Pure portal, please visit

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