Accessing your university email

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When an email is sent to your university email address, it is delivered onto the university's mailserver. You have several options to consult your messages, and to send new messages.

1. With an Internet web-browser

You can consult your email on-line with Webmail, a web interface to your mailbox on the mailserver.

2. On your PC/Mac with a email program such as Outlook or Mail

To send and receive email in a mailprogram on your computer, you have to configure the incoming and outgoing mailserver in your mailprogram.

2.1 To receive email

with POP, specify or
with IMAP, specify or

Make sure to use encryption (TLS/SSL) for the incoming mailserver.
Do note that if use POP mailprograms such as Outlook and Mail by default remove messages on the server once they have been downloaded to your computer. These messages will no longer be accessible with Webmail.

2.2 To send email

To send email through the university's outgoing server, use the following specifications:

SMTP server: or
Authentication: Yes
Outgoing server port: 587 (instead of 25)
Encryption: TLS (or SSL if TLS is not available); for Thunderbird specify STARTTLS
If you don't use authentication for the outgoing server, you have to use or when your computer is connected to the university's network. If your computer is not connected to the university's network, use the SMTP server of the Internet provider.

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