Having your VUB or ULB email address removed

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If you are no longer part of the university community and your email account still exists, you can make a request to have your account deleted before it is deleted by the automatic cleanup procedure.

To submit your removal request, log on onto Webmail with your VUB or ULB email address and send the request by email to or

Do note that a removal request can only be made if you are no longer part of the university community!
The Computing Centre will confirm whether or not your account will be deleted, and if so when.

We do advise you to activate an auto-reply message to inform your correspondents that your mailbox is no longer consulted and that their messages won't be read. You can also activate an automatic forward of new messages to a private email address if you wish.

General policy for cleaning up email addresses

Before the Computing Centre closes and removes accounts and email addresses, the owner of the account is informed of this in advance by email (on his/her VUB or ULB address). This allows the owner to make the necessary arrangements, such as archiving old messages.

For safety reasons, the actual cleanup of accounts happens in two phases.

First, access to the account(s) is blocked so that you won't have access to the account nor the emails anymore. However all email is still being delivered into the mailbox so that auto-reply's and automatic forwarding still occurs if you have set up your account in such a way.

After a few weeks, the account and mailbox are actually deleted from the server, so that your correspondents will receive an error message when they send you an email.

Johan D'Hondt

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