ICT-Helpdesk deploys new tool to handle enduser questions: Service Now

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Since the 31st of May, the VUB ICT department has taken into operation a new tool to manage enduser questions and problems: Service Now. Read more...

Service Now is an online tool with an extensive knowledge database with a lot of frequently asked questions. The tool also allows users to submit their issues to the ICT-Helpdesk through an online portal, and in the future you will even be able to order ICT equipment.

The address of the Service Now Portal is

Service Now is the tool to submit your ICT questions on. But of course you can also contact the VUB ICT department by email and phone:

Phone: 02- 629 37 37 (from 09:00 to 17:00)

About the ICT-Helpdesk

Our mission is to provide the VUB staff and students with a single point of contact and responsive tracking of computing and information technology related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions are documented in our Knowledge database. Other questions can be asked using our Service Portal. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

The Helpdesk service is manned during office hours, at least between 9AM until 5PM. You can contact us by phone on 02-629.3737 or even better by e-mail to

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