Request an IP address or a DNS name at the VUB

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To connect a computer to the computer network at the VUB, you need an IP address and a network cable. You can obtain those from the VUBnet network team.

Connecting a computer to the VUB network

To obtain a new IP address to connect a computer to the network, you pay 50 euro.

Cable prices to physically connect a computer to the network socket in the wall vary between 3 and 12 euro for a UTP-cable (length 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 meters).

The activation of the UTP-contact costs 25 euro.

You can send your payment order ("betalingsopdracht") by internal mail to "Secretariaat VUBNET" with reference "Order IP addres".

Request or change a domain name (DNS) within the domain

A namechange or alias within the VUB domain (DNS) has to be requested in writing to the VUBnet network team. It has to be signed by the head of the department and needs to specify the requested name and the IP address this name needs to link to.

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If a computer is replaced by another one, you can reuse the old IP and cable. You do not need to pay for a new connection.

The connection costs also need to be payed for for other equipment that has to be connected to the VUB network.

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