Campus access with registration of license plates

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On campus Etterbeek an entry system with retractable poles is in use. The system is based on license plate recognition. This means that anyone whose license plate is registered, automatically gains access to the campus. On Campus Jette, a system with gate barriers and badges is used.

Campus Etterbeek

Students and staff members of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel can register their license plate by logging on

with their NetID (username) and password.

People whose license plate is not immediately recognised can obtain acess via the intercom at the campus entry.

Campus Jette

Access to campus Jette is arranged with gate barriers and badges. The regisration of a license plate is not necessary.

More details are available on (page in Dutch).

Campus Kaai

On campus Kaai you get access to the parking with a parking ticket. This card is also your copy card and can be purchased at the library. If you already have a copy card, you can have the parking access activated in the library on the campus (cost is €5).

About the security certificate of the registration site

At this time, the website of Facility Management uses an unofficial web site certificate, which generates a warning message when you want to register your license plate. If so, you can click on "Continue/I understand the risks" to proceed to the Parking Management application in this particular case (you may have to register an exception - once or permanently - in your web browser).

Users who use Microsoft's new browser Edge might see an empty page. If so, click on the Refresh button to see the error message.

Johan D'Hondt -

If you have a non-Belgian license plate, you don't have to worry about campus access, the system will recognize non-Belgian license plates correctly.

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