Filter unwanted messages (spam) in Mac Mail

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You can use the spam-status generated by the university's anti-spam tool to filter out unwanted messages in Mac Mail on your desktop computer.

To filter incoming messages in Mac Mail, you will have to create a "Spam" folder and create a Rule that will filter the incoming messages.

Create a Spam folder

If you wish your spam mail to be stored in one particular mailfolder, you may have to create it first if you do not wish to use an existing mailfolder.

To create a new mailfolder, open the pulldown menu Mailbox and choose the option New Mailbox.... Then choose a Location and choose a name for the mailfolder. Then click OK to create this mailfolder.

Hint: you might consider naming the new mailbox "Spam"

Create a Spam Rule

To create a filter that will filter spam-tagged messages, open the pulldown menu Mail and choose Preferences. Next click on the Rules tab, and Add (a) Rule.

Enter the description Ironport Antispam rule.

A. Define the header X-Spam-Status

Now click on the From of the pulldown menu and verify that the header X-Spam-Status is present in the list.

If it is not, you will have to add it by choosing the option Edit header list... on the same pulldown menu (last item). Next click on the + sign and enter the name X-Spam-Status and click OK.

Now select X-Spam-Status in the From pulldown menu.

Click on the pulldown menu Contains and choose the option Is equal to.

Then fill in the text Yes in the empty field.

B. Decide an action

The default action is to move the message to a folder. Click on the pulldown menu No mailbox selected and choose the mailfolder you created earlier (see above).

The rule will look like

Confirm the rule by clicking OK, close the Preferences window and confirm the changes.

Your incoming mail will now be checked if the header X-Spam-Status: Yes is present and will move those messages to the spam folder you selected. We do advise you to keep an eye on that folder in the beginning, to see if all goes well.

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