Checking your mailquota

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Every mailbox on the mailserver has a "limited" amount of diskspace where messages are (temporarily) stored. This limit is called your "mailquota" and if you exceed it, you won't be able to receive new messages.

You can find out how much mailquota you have and how much space you have left in your mailbox on the server as follows.


Simply logon onto Webmail, the bottom part of the window after logging on shows the current mailbox size and your quota limit.

If the bottom part is blank, simply click on . In


Right-click on your IMAP account in the Mail Folders' part of the window and select Properties of....

In the General tab, click on the button Folder Size... and you'll see how much diskspace you using on the mailserver.
Outlook doesn't display how much disk quota you are actually allowed.

Mac Mail (version 2.0 and higher)

Right-click on your IMAP-account in the Viewer window of Mac Mail and choose the option Get Info. You will see your current mailusage on the server.
While you can also do this for a POP account, you will only see the size of each individual message and not the total amount of mailspace used on the server.

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