Network interruptions building E campus Jette Thursday 7 June

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There may be short network interruptions in building E on campus Jette on Thursday, 7 June between 9 AM and 12 PM (noon) for the replacement of network equipment.

CaLi available again

The CaLi application is online again after a major upgrade. Most issues with account have been solved. Read more...

More information can be found in the following articles in the ICT Service Portal:

CaLi available

Upgrade of CaLi student system

In order to prepare for a major upgrade of the CaLi student system, CaLi will be inaccessible from Friday 25 May from 12 PM (noon) to Monday 28 May 12 PM (noon). The actual upgrade is planned as of Wednesday 30 May at 5 PM.

More information can be found in the following articles in the ICT Service Portal:

Preparations CaLi:

Upgrade CaLi:

BitTorrent to/from Internet sources prohibited as of May 15th 2018

As of May 15th 2018, access to BitTorrent sources on the Internet to and from devices connected to the VUB network will be prohibited for security reasons.

The full article can be consulted on the VUB ICT Service portal at

Do change your password on a regular basis

With the recent announcements in the news regarding password leaks, we would like to remind users of a number of basic principles concerning changing and using their password.

The full article can be consulted on the VUB ICT Service portal at

Older announcements

World-wide outage of Office 365 solved

There were world-wide issues with Office 365 Friday 6 April 2018 between 11:20 and 13:45. As a result, VUB users were unable to access any services of Office 365. Microsoft has fixed the source of the problem and Office 365 functionality and access have been restored.

VUB websites may be unstable on 28/29 March

A number of websites of the VUB may be temporarily inaccessible for the installation of security updates, from Wednesday 28 March 19:00 until Thursday 29 March 15:00. Read more...

For the list of affected websites and latest updates, please see

Short interruption of Pure on Friday 9 March

The Research database Pure will be unavailable on Friday 9 March 2018 during the day for an estimated maximum of 10 minutes for a configuration change.

Change in VUB Eduroam setup as of Wednesday 7 March 8 AM

The authentication servers of the VUB for the eduroam wireless network will be changed on Wednesday 7 March around 8 AM. Impact will be limited, users will have to authenticate again and accept the new security certificate.

Additional information and help can be found on

Direct MySQL access to/from Internet sources prohibited as of March 1st 2018

As of March 1st 2018, direct MySQL access from the Internet to MySQL servers on the VUB network and from computers on the VUB network to MySQL servers on the Internet will be disabled for security reasons. Read more...

If you wish to maintain direct access to MySQL databases from outside the VUB through the use of a VPN account, or if you have other questions pertaining to the subject, please contact the VUB ICT Service Desk.

MySQL access from a computer on the VUB network to a MySQL server on the VUB network will continue to function.

[SOLVED] No access to Internet through cabled network

This morning, Monday 19 February, access to the Internet from the cabled network was interrupted from 9:18 until 10:55. After an investigation by the network team, the issue was caused by an unannounced modification made by another network team on a neighbouring network. The network team has implemented a fix. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Unscheduled downtime on 7 February

After an incident with one of the central ICT systems at the university this morning, 7 February 2018, a large number of VUB services were unavailable or inaccessible. All affected systems were restarted overnight and back online by 8 February around 11 AM. For full details and the latest updates, please see the VUB Service Portal at

All details: About the systems' unavailability this morning 7 February

Access to Internet stable after issues Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 January

Internet access to/from the VUB was seriously hampered from Wednesday 30 January 5 PM until Thursday 31 January 2 PM, when the network team was able to identify and neutralise the source of the disruption. A workaround has been put in place to stabilise Internet connectivity, until a more permanent solution (software update in network equipment) will be made available by the vendor.

VUBguest wireless network unavailable Thursday 11 January 8-10 AM

The network team will upgrade the 'VUBguest' wireless network server on 11 January 2018 between 8:00 and 10:00. During this time, the wireless network VUBguest will be inaccessible.
Please note that the wireless networks VUBnext and Eduroam are NOT impacted, these will remain available.

Interruption of VUB wireless networks (Etterbeek) on Wed 13 Dec 08:00-09:00

There will be an interruption of the wireless networks VUBnext, Eduroam and VUBguest on campus Etterbeek on Wednesday, 13 December between 08:00 and 09:00, for a estimated max. downtime of 2 times 10 minutes. Read more...

Full details are available on

Earlier announcements and interruptions

[SOLVED] VUB MyTimeTable currently unavailable

Update: The issue was solved on 6 December in the morning.

MyTimeTable has been accessible since Tuesday 5 December approx. 10 AM. We have escalated the issue with the application's software developer and hope they will be able to solve this issue as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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