Changing your details in the online VUB telephone book

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You can have your details in the online telephone book changed through John Desmadryl.

You can only change your telephone number, mobile phone number and/or room number in this manner.

Changes to your e-mail address (e.g. creating an alias) need to be arranged through PAM (Personal Account Manager) of the VUB/ULB Computing Centre.

All other details from the telephone book are automatically generated by the database from the Personnel Department. An intranet tool will soon be available with which you can make changes to the telephone book directly.

Johan D'Hondt -

Many telephones within the university allow you to identify your callers via a small LCD screen. Employees who leave the university sometimes forget to have this changed. With the result that you can still be called by someone who isn't there anymore. Changing these details can be done very simply through the technical department. Simply send an e-mail to John Desmadryl with the new data

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