Creating an account for Calculation and Development on Hydra

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Activating a network identity (NetID) will get you a computer account with access to e-mail. The Shared ICT Services Centre (SISC) however also offers calculation and development facilities on our HYDRA HPC server.

When activating their NetID, certain categories of persons will automatically receive, together with a computer account for e-mail, a computer account on HYDRA for calculation and development.

If you don't have access to HYDRA, you can logon onto PAM to verify which services you have access to.

If it turns out that you don't have an account on HYDRA and cannot activate one, you can fill out the User Registration Form and have it signed by the head of your department (personnel) or your promotor or the student manager of your faculty (students). Then send the signed letter to the SISC. You will be informed by e-mail once the request has been processed, and you then can activate this account through PAM.

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