Internet Explorer remembers passwords

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When visiting websites that require authentication - such as Webmail - Internet Explorer may store your personal identification and password. This is a security risk, especially on computers that you share with other persons.

To deactivate this setting, or to delete previous stored personal information, do the following steps in Internet Explorer.

- click on the menu Tools and select Internet Options
- click on the Content tab
- in the section Personal Information (IE11: Autocomplete), click on Autocomplete... (IE11: Settings)

Now, to prevent that Internet Explorer asks and possibly stores passwords, uncheck the following options in the Use Autocomplete for section:

- User names and passwords on forms
- Forms

To delete previous registrations (Internet Explorer 10 and lower), click on

- Clear Passwords and confirm (this will delete ALL previously stored usernames and passwords!)
- (optional) Clear Forms and confirm

In Internet Explorer 11, you can clear passwords and forms via the Delete Autocomplete history... and Manage Passwords<cmd>.

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