No network access/sending email to unregistered computers and/or programs

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Access to the university's network is restricted to computers registered with the network teams. In addition, as of 08/07/2010, only the most commonly used email programs will be able to send email.

To ensure the security of the university's network, computers that do not have their IP address registered with the VUBnet/RESULB network team, i.e. computers that do not have a domain name in the or DNS domain, will no longer be granted acccess to the university's network.

You can check if your computer is registered with the link below. It is also important that your computer is secured, by applying the necessary operating system updates, install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and use a personal firewall.

Sending email will be restricted to most commonly used email programs

Due to the increasing amount of SPAM originating from VUB/ULB machines, VUBnet has decided to activate a new security setting in the VUB McAfee EPO-server. This setting prevents "unrecognized programs" from sending email.

Peter Van Rossem, Thomas Jannes

If you know in advance the restriction of mail program will cause a problem for you or if you experience problems sending email in the following days, contact the Helpdesk.
Thomas Jannes - 08/07/2010

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