Personal Firewall Software for Windows

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While a personal firewall and anti-spyware are not really required, a firewall is a very good addition to protecting your computer.

Some people feel safer with a personal firewall. Windows XP includes standard a firewall, though you will have to activate it first.

To activate the firewall in Windows XP:
1. Open Start and choose the Control Panel
2. Choose Network and Internet Connection
3. Click on Network Connections
4. Select Local Area Connection and click Change settings of this connection
5. Click on the Advanced tab...
6.... and click Protect my computer and network by limiting...
7. Click OK

The Computing Centre does not provide any support for third party software such as ZoneAlarm.

Johan D'Hondt -

AVOID ZoneAlarm until further notice. Versions 6.0.631.003 and above show several issues, older versions seem stable enough to continue using them.
Robert Jansen - 23/09/2005

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