Frequently Asked Questions about the Large Format Plotter

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This is a list of frequently reoccuring questions and problems about the large format printers at the Computing Centre.

As the procedure for sending a file has been simplified greatly, the list of questions has become much smaller.

How much does a printout cost?


What is the maximum size?

The width of the paper is ALWAYS 91.4 cm or, for extra wide, 106.7 cm; the length can vary, we advice to specify a size of 122cm x 91.4cm (ARCH E size) - though longer printouts are possible.

Where can I find the printer driver for the plotter?

In most cases you don't need it anymore. You can simply send a PDF file with Webplot to the printer. See the "How to use the plotter" guide for more details (see the links below).

Other questions?

Please check our "How to use the plotter" guide (see the links below).

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