Refusing large email attachments

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Electronic mail is one of the most popular network applications and is used to transfer much more than text. Image and sound fragments are easily "attached" and subsequently sent to one or more correspondants.

The Computing Centre has been tackling a number of problems related to the transmission of very large email messages. Those problems can easily disturb operations of the mail server(s) and require manual intervention to restore the service.

Therefore, it has been decided to limit the size of any electronic mail message, transiting one of the servers managed by the Computing Centre, to 16,000,000 bytes (header included). Users trying to send larger messages will receive the following error message from the server:

Error 503: Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size (16000000)

Users are advised to use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or Web publishing to disseminate larger documents.

Johan D'Hondt -

We would like to point out that most Internet Service Providers or sites implement similar limits, most often more severe.
Johan D'Hondt - 18/02/2005

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