Creating a personal homepage (web) at VUB/ULB

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Members of the VUB and ULB are offered the possibility to manage their own personal website at the university.

To host a personal website on the server, create a folder public_html on your account on the server and store the documents of your website into that folder.

You can create this folder with an FTP or SFTP program that you can also use to upload your documents to the server.

The first page of your site (your homepage) has to be called welcome.html or index.html

If you are creating a personal website on this server for the first time, a small modification needs to be implemented on your account. To do this, send an e-mail from your VUB/ULB e-mail address to the ICT-Helpdesk and indicate in the subject "Creation personal website for $NETID" where $NETID is your personal VUB/ULB NetID (login).

The URL's to access these homepages are:

for VUB members:
for ULB members:

When the activation of your personal webspace has been completed, you will be sent an email with some additional information and you can transfer your webdocuments to the server with an (S)FTP program or from within a webeditor.

The server settings to upload your documents are:

hostname: or
username: your VUB or ULB username (NetID)
password: the password of your VUB or ULB username (NetID)
directory: /u/username/public_html

Johan D'Hondt -

On the 1st of May 2018, the name has been decommissioned as the student's personal website address, the address was replaced with

: :: ::: ::::