Exchanging files using Anonymous FTP

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The anonymous FTP-server can be used to exchange files with other members of the VUB/ULB or the outher world without having to exchange passwords of personal accounts.

For this you can use /pub/exchange on

You want to transfer a file to someone at the VUB/ULB

You can login as 'anonymous' on the ftp-server, and give your emailaddress as password. Then go to the directory /pub/exchange, and put your file(s) here.

Persons at the VUB/ULB will be able to retrieve your file(s).

You want to distribute a file to someone outside the VUB/ULB

Login as yourself on the ftp-server, giving the loginname and password you have on the machine MACH or POP at the Computing Centre. Then go to the directory
/pub/exchange, and put your file here.

Your file can be accessed by anonymous ftp by anyone in- and outside the VUB/ULB.

Activating your own FTP directory

Each person having an account on the server at the Computing Centre can create their own FTP directory, either by FTP, or by using the activation procedure on the server. For more information on the latter, see the links below.

General Restrictions:

NO COMMERCIAL items whatsoever may be put at disposal through this FTP and the Computing Centre reserves its right to withdraw any file contravening to the rules explained hereabove. Furthermore, the Computing Centre is not liable for the contents of these directories. Due to the limited amount of disk space, please restrict yourself to data related to educational matters or academic researches.

Johan D'Hondt -

Files will remain on /pub/exchange for a maximum of 10 days.

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