Fortran compiler on HYDRA

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pgf90 is the interface to The Portland Group Inc. (PGI) Fortran 90/95. pgf90 invokes the Fortran compiler, assembler, and linker with options derived from its command line arguments. pgf90 is an alias for pgf95.

We advice you to compile your Fortran program with the following options:

f90 -O3 -fastsse prg.f

-fastsse chooses generally optimal flags
-O3 enables a better optimisation mode

Use variables larger than 4 GB

f90 -O3 -fastsse -mcmodel=medium prg.f

Compile with the NAG en BLAS version of NAG

f90 -O3 -fastsse prg.f -lnag_nag

Compile with the vendor version of BLAS

f90 -O3 -fastsse prg.f -lnag_acml -lacml

Other information can be found in the link below.

Johan D'Hondt - helpdesk@vub.ac.be


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