Office 365 Collaboration and Communication portal at the VUB

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The Office 365 portal offers the VUB community the possibility to use the on- and offline Cooperation and Communication tools of Microsoft.

Locally on your Machine

The platform offers the possibility to use the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint,...) freely as long as you are a staff member of student from the VUB. You also get plenty of storage space online via OneDrive, together with the possiblity to share your files with optional editorial rights.

New e-mail environment and vub.be e-mailaddress

The migration to Office 365 means you will receive a new email address ending with 'vub.be'. Your old student email address (vub.ac.be) will also remain.

Office 365 voor students

The IT Department of the VUB is gradually performing the migration of Office 365 for our students. As soon as it is your turn, you will receive an email from them on your VUB mail address. Follow their instructions and they will grant you access.

Where can you find help with Office 365?

In the 'Office support' portal by Microsoft you will find videos and manuals.

Johan D'Hondt - helpdesk@vub.ac.be


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