Hydra - the HPC cluster at the VUB/ULB Computing Centre

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The Computing Centre has installed a new High Performance Compute cluster. HYDRA replaces ASTER, the old Alpha cluster, and offers to the ULB and VUB research communities a 20-fold computing power increase.

With its perfectly balanced architecture, Hydra is best-of-breed for a very broad range of applications. Compute intensive jobs, large memory programs, parallel packages and I/O intensive codes alike will run smoothly and swiftly.

Based on the latest AMD Opteron dual core CPU, with plenty of SMP RAM, a blistering Infiniband interconnect and a Lustre file system, the new Hewlett-Packard XC4000 Linux cluster is suited for all areas of computational science. As can be expected, a large portfolio of development tools will be available as well as a selective list of scientific applications.

The new system counts 30 compute nodes, each with 4 CPU's (totalling 480 FPU's), 32 GB of RAM (960 GB on aggregate) and access to 6 TB of disk space.

Johan D'Hondt


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