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  • OECD International Conference: "Higher Education Spaces and Places: for Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange", 6-8 December to be held in Riga, Latvia
    Following on from the successful conference held in Helsinki in May 2008, the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (formerly the Programmes in Educational Building) and Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) in collaboration with the University of Latvia are bringing together policy makers, higher education leaders and managers, academics, designers and developers, to analyse these issues and exchange ideas on developing better and more responsive physical environments.

    Set in the context of the increasing demands on higher education and the pressures of the economic crisis, this international conference will examine the issues that affect the creation and management of learning and knowledge exchange environments for the future. It will explore sustainable higher education places, innovative approaches to designing learning and knowledge exchange environments and policies for managing the facilities over the long term.

    Programme Excerpt

    Keynote address : "Universities in their Cities: collaborations and conflicts"
    Creating Sustainable learning and knowledge exchange environments : "Higher education: Cities and Regional Development"
    Innovative approaches to the design of learning environments – now and the future : "Learning from the Design Factory at the University"
    Developing new places for higher education : "Development of the University of Latvia Campus in Riga city environment"
    Managing higher education places to meet current and future needs : "Managing higher education facilities through Public Private Partnerships"

    For further information please visit : www.oecd.lu.lv or see the presentation flyer.
    Please feel free to contact Alastair Blyth (alastair.blyth@oecd.org) or Christin Cave (christin.cave@oecd.org).

  • A Walk On the Wild Side of Knowledge Transfer
    Through its Knowledge Transfer Unit, UL Inovar (http://www.ul.pt/inovar), the University of Lisbon is organizing, between September 28 and October 1, a Summer School, titled “A Walk On the Wild Side of Knowledge Transfer".

    The Summer School intends to contribute to the improvement of Higher-Education vs. Companies relations, professionalizing knowledge-transfer, the management skills of tech-based entrepreneurs and the efficiency of negotiations on intellectual property rights, towards beneficial applications of research results.

    It is expected the participation of researchers, professors and students of Higher-Education, researchers involved in consortia and contract R&D with companies and technical services and consultancy, R&D managers of large companies and SMEs, technology brokers, tech-based entrepreneurs, knowledge transfer and intellectual property managers and others.

    The organization is in a position to offer a limited number of places at a discount rate to University of Lisbon members (75% discount), to national knowledge transfer networks (50% discount), certain international university networks: UNICA… (20% discount)

    For further information and to check availability please contact Nuno Silva – inovar@campus.ul.pt

  • So.Re.Com Newsletter n° 8 & n° 9
    European PhD on Social Representation and Communication : Read the So.Re. Com. Newsletter n° 8 - June 2009 and the So.Re. Com. Newsletter n° 9 - July 2009.

  • Leaflets or material to be distributed during the 21st EAIE Conference in Madrid, 16-19 September 2009
    EAEC offers the UNICA members the possibility of sending about 5 Kg of leaflets or material to be distributed during the 21st EAIE Conference in Madrid, 16-19 September 2009.
    The UNICA Universities interested in sending material will profit from the "EAEC-member" fees (150€).
    Further information and application.
    Deadline is 31st July.

  • L'Université libre de Bruxelles recrute un Directeur-Coordinateur ou une Directrice-Coordinatrice pour son Département des Relations Extérieures
    Read the job description (in french).

  • So.Re.Com Newsletter n° 7
    European PhD on Social Representation and Communication : Read the So.Re. Com. Newsletter n° 7 - May 2009.

  • United Nations Academic Impact
    UNICA endorses and subscribes to the principles in the United Nations Academic Impact and recommends that university presidents communicate their institutions’ willingness to subscribe to this initiative. You can do so, while learning more about the Academic Impact, at : http://academicimpact.org/.

  • So.Re.Com Newsletter n° 6
    European PhD on Social Representation and Communication : Read the So.Re. Com. Newsletter n° 6 - April 2009.

  • International Staff Exchange Week 2009
    University of Helsinki, 26-30 October 2009. Further information in the announcement and on the Website of the international affairs of the University of Helsinki : http://www.helsinki.fi/international/

  • Annual Erasmus Staff Training Week (EST) at the University of Oslo
    The EST Week will take place in Oslo during May 25-29, 2009.

    Please find hereby the invitation letter together with a provisional Programme.

    In order to ensure the quality the training programme, a maximum of 20 participants will be accepted.

    Funding for participation might be available through the administration at your home institution. Please contact your Institutional Erasmus/LLP Coordinator regarding this matter.

    How to apply :
    In the invitation letter (et lien vers l'invitation letter!!!!) you will find a link to an online application form.

    Deadline for applying is May 4.

  • Announcement of academic positions - University of Cyprus
    The University of Cyprus announces two (2) academic positions at the rank of Assistant Professor or Lecturer.


    One (1) position at the rank of Assistant Professor or Lecturer in the field of : "Computer System Technologies in the areas of Operating Systems or Compilers or Security or Internet". One (1) position at the rank of Assistant Professor or Lecturer in the field of : "Software Engineering with emphasis on: Software Architectures or Component Based Systems or Middleware Platforms or Service Oriented Computing".

    For all academic ranks, an earned doctorate from a recognized University is required.

    Requirements for each academic rank depend on the candidate's years of academic experience, the research record and scientific contributions, involvement in teaching and in the development of high quality undergraduate and graduate curricula. The minimum requirements for each academic rank can be found in : http://www.ucy.ac.cy/admin_servG/nomothesiaG/acc_qualG/acc_qualg.html.
    The official languages of the University are Greek and/or Turkish.
    For the above positions knowledge of Greek is necessary.

    Holding a citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is not a requirement.

    The annual gross salary for these positions (including the 13th salary) is (in EUR) :

    Assistant Professor (Scale A13-A14) : 55,719.95 - 75,148.19
    Lecturer (Scale A12-A13) : 47,056.23 - 68,916.77

    Interested individuals must submit their application by Friday, 10th of July 2009. The application must include the following items :

    I. A letter stating the academic rank or ranks for which the applicant is interested in, the field of study and the date when he/she may be able to assume duties in the event of selection.
    II. A Curriculum Vitae (6 copies).
    III. A brief summary of previous work and a statement of plans for future research (up to 1500 words - 6 copies).
    IV. A list of publications (6 copies).
    V. Copies of the three most representative publications (6 copies).
    VI. Certified Copies of Degree certificates.

    In addition, the applicants must ask three academic referees to send letters of recommendation directly to the University. The names and addresses of these referees must be submitted with the application.
    Additional confidential information may be sought.

    The letters of recommendation must reach the University by Friday, 10th of July 2009.

    Individuals interested in applying to more than one position announced must submit a separate application, including all the items mentioned at points I - VI.

    The Curriculum Vitae and the statement of previous work and plans should be written in Greek and/or in Turkish and in one international language, preferably English.

    Applications, other documents and reference letters submitted in the past will not be considered and must be re-submitted.

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Applications, other documents and reference letters have to be delivered by hand to the Human Resource Service of the University of Cyprus at the Council/Senate Anastasios G Leventis Building until Friday, the 10th of July 2009 the latest, or to be sent by post (stamped by the post office by the 10th of July 2009 the latest, will be considered valid provided they are received by the Human Resources Services, PO Box 20537, 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus by the 17th of July 2009 the latest). The sole responsibility will be upon the interested applicant.

    For more information the Human Resources Services or the Department of Computer Science (+357 22892700) may be contacted.

  • So.Re.Com Newsletter n°4
    European PhD on Social Representation and Communication : Read the So.Re.Com Newsletter n°4 - February 2009

  • Latest version of Forum (Charles University Prague)
    The last version of Forum (university newspaper of Charles University Prague) is devoted to Charles University as International university. Their partnership within EUA, Coimbra and UNICA are seriously stated.

  • University School for Croatian Language and Culture
    University School for Croatian Language and Culture - 27 June-24 July, 2009, University of Zagreb.
    For further information, visit : http://international.unizg.hr/international_students/learn_croatian/university_school_of_croatian_language_and_culture.

  • International Conference "Development of Competencies in the World of Work and Education" 24-26 September 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    The University of Ljubljana in cooperation with the leading European consortia in the field of Higher Education - CHEERS and REFLEX - and in collaboration with experts from the OECD, is organising an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "Development of Competencies in the World of Work and Education" - 24-26 September 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    More information is available at www.decowe.com.

    Target group : Colleagues form faculties of Social Science, Education and Economy and members of the university’s management.

    The Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus has a number of vacancies for Visiting Academics at the ranks of Lecturer, Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor.

    ALL areas of Computer Science will be considered.

    A visiting appointment is for one semester (Spring semester: 15 Jan - 31 May; Winter semester: 1 Sept - 31 Dec), but it can be renewed for up to four semesters.
    Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in a relevant subject and BE FLUENT IN GREEK (both these requirements are mandatory).

    Monthly gross salaries, in EUR, for these positions are :

    Visiting Academic (Professor) : EUR 4.126,92
    Visiting Academic (Associate Professor) : EUR 3.709,66
    Visiting Academic (Assistant Professor) : EUR 3.519,14
    Visiting Academic (Lecturer) : EUR 3.069,47

    Presently, the Department is seeking applications for the academic year 2009-2010. The processing of applications has started and will continue until all the available positions have been filled.

    Anyone wishing to apply should send a full CV to the following address (the deadline for receiving applications is the 31st March 2009) :

    The Chairperson
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Cyprus
    P.O. Box 20537
    Nicosia, CYPRUS

    For more details and other information, interested individuals may contact the Chairperson of the Department of Computer Science :

    Professor George Samaras
    Tel : +357-22-892700
    Fax : +357-22-892701
    E-mail : cssamara@cs.ucy.ac.cy.

  • So.Re.Com Newsletter n°3
    European PhD on Social Representation and Communication : Read the So.Re.Com Newsletter n°3 -January 2009

  • Finanza di progetto e pubblico interesse nuove opportunita' per le amministrazioni universitarie con aggiornamenti sulla legge finanziaria 2009
    In relazione al 9° Corso di Formazione sulle Tecniche Amministrative e Gestionali delle Strutture Universitarie in programma dal 16 al 20 Febbraio 2009 presso il Grand Hotel Principi di Piemonte - Sestriere (Torino) si informa che il programma del corso è stato aggiornato ed è consultabile sul sito dedicato all'evento http://www.corsi2009.sunnyway.it.

    Si comunica inoltre agli interessati di affrettare la propria prenotazione, in modo da consetirci di richiedere in tempo utile alla struttura le eventuali camere ancora disponibili.

    Per ogni necessità potete contattare il nostro Ufficio Booking di Roma.

  • New International PhD Programme at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw
    The Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw has launched recently a new International PhD Programme : "From Simple Molecules to Nanostructured and Bioactive Materials". Students from all countries are invited to apply.

    Read more information in the brochure.

    Dear UNICA members,

    Tallinn University is pleased to invite applications for a number of academic positions starting from September 2009.

    Read more at http://www.tlu.ee/?LangID=2&CatID=3210.
    For additional information please contact : personnel@tlu.ee.

  • ERASMUS MUNDUS EURHEO - European Masters in Engineering Rheology
    Please read the programme leaflet

  • So.Re.Com Newsletter
    From the European PhD on Social Representations and Communication :

    "On November 2008 we launched the first number of the So.Re.Com.THE.NET. @-NEWS, a monthly newsletter, which together with the on-line So.Re.Com.THE.NET. Scientific Events Agenda, will announce and disseminate information concerning various types of scientific and training events (seminars, lectures, research group meetings, methodological training, etc.) organised in and outside the European Ph.D. on Social Representations and Communication Research Centre and Multimedia Lab and at So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork partner sites. It will also include editorial news, the launch of new actions and projects, snapshot views of completed activities, and information and contacts related to networking, etc."

    "All So.Re.Com.THEmatic NETwork partners are kindly invited to contribute actively by posting information concerning editorial news, launching of new projects, call for partnerships, and events (seminars, conferences, workshops, training courses, etc.) of general interest to participants in the European Ph.D. programme and to the wider So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork scientific community."

    "Please send information you wish to disseminate via the So.Re.Com.THE.NET.@-NEWS to : annamaria.derosa@uniroma1.it"

    Read the newsletter
    More information online on So.Re.Com. THE.NET. @-NEWS page.

  • Online Educa Berlin 2008
    Pre-Conference Seminar - Wednesday, December 3, 2008

    "The Google Generation in Higher Education: Entrant Students and Learning Technologies"

    In this seminar we will invite participants to discuss the implications of changes in the expectations and use of learning technologies by first-year university students for their own areas of practice and expertise. We will present the outcomes of a recent project to investigate this topic and gather evidence from participants on the extent to which student expectations of ICT at university vary among countries and regions.

    For more information or to register, please see the OEB08 website : http://www.online-educa.com/workshops-half-day-afternoon-15.

  • "QUAND L'UNIVERSITÉ SE RÉVEILLE Tout devient possible", Gilbert BÉRÉZIAT

    Collection : Questions contemporaines , L'Harmattan, 2008.
    More information & orders.

  • Universtiry of Cyprus Department of Computer Science - Job announcement : Vacancy for a special scientist in the area of e-learning

    The Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus announces a position for a Special Scientist within the research project "Tooling of and Training for Collaborative, Distributed Product Innovation" (idSpace), which is being funded by IST of FP7.

    The position is available immediately and until the end of March 2010.
    The annual starting salary for a Research Scientist will be within the scale of 18,000 - 22,000 EUR and will depend on qualifications and prior experience.

    Innovative design is characterized by an intense, collaborative process of generating and exploring ideas meant to contribute to the solution of particular problems. Innovators go through cycles of divergence, in which new ideas are generated and explored, and convergence, in which new ideas are valued and detailed. The idSpace project will design and build a responsive web-based environment that will offer an integrated suite of knowledge eliciting and sharing tools, and create a collective, sharable memory to support the entire innovative design process.

    A suitable candidate for the above position should have a degree in Computer Science or related field and post graduate studies related to one or more of the following areas : Context Awareness, Adaptive Systems, Ontologies, User Modeling, E-Learning, Collaborative Learning. Candidates should also have experience in conducting research, possess good programming skills, and be fluent in the use of the English language.

    Applicants need not be citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. Knowledge of the Greek language, although considered a practical advantage, is by no means a requirement. The research activities pursued by the successful applicant can lead to the earning of a Ph.D. if s/he so wishes. Due to the involvement of the successful candidate in using cutting edge technologies, this post is also suitable for a post doc position.

    Anyone interested in this vacancy is kindly asked to contact us (preferably electronically) as soon as possible at the address below and provide us with a CV together with a short description of his/her research interests and background. Submitted documents may be written in Greek or English. Please send all relevant information to Professor George A. Papadopoulos, E-Mail : george@cs.ucy.ac.cy, Tel : +357-22-892693, Fax: +357-22-892701.

  • Amsterdam World Book Capital 2008

    Dodo or Dog ?
    A challenge to the book in scholarship and higher education. 12-13 October 2008.
    For further information please visit www.amsterdamworldbookcapital.com.

  • Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2008 and Go-exchange Fair ERACON 2008 conclusions

    The Erasmus Coordinators Conference 2008 and Go-exchange Fair ERACON 2008 took place on 7 - 11 May 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal. The presentations and conclusions are available at the following webpages : www.eracon.info and www.eaec.eu.com.

  • Master in Computing Engineering (University La Sapienza)

    The Master in Computing Engineering (University La Sapienza) has now launched a web site : http://cclii.dis.uniroma1.it/mce.
    This master is a section of Laurea Magistrale in Information Engineering and is fully taught in English. In addition to the usual core courses, the master offers courses in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems and others.

  • Summer Courses at Rome University La Sapienza

    Rome University La Sapienza will offer Summer Courses in Italian Language and Culture to foreign students.
    For more information, please read the summer courses presentation or visit the Summer school Sapienza website.

  • Academic positions at Tallinn University

    Tallinn University is pleased to invite applications for a number of academic positions starting from August or September 2008.

    Further information is available at http://www.tlu.ee/index.php?LangID=1&CatID=2806.

  • ECOMAMA : master programme in ECOlogical MArine MAnagement

    The 2-year master programme in ECOlogical MArine MAnagement (ECOMAMA) addresses students with a background in Sciences. It provides them with strong fundamental and applied knowledge and prepares them for an active role in the scientific research and management of marine ecosystems. The programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach integrating physical, chemical geological, ecological and societal aspects and including nature conservation and sustainable development.

    ECOMAMA trains students in :

    1. playing a key role in high quality scientific marine research
    2. providing advice in marine management based on sound scientific knowledge
    3. becoming critically minded, problem-solving and communicative scientists.

    ECOMAMA is an inter-university programme organized by the Biology departments of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB, Free University of Brussels) and Universiteit Antwerpen (UA, Antwerp University). The programme also cooperates closely with Universiteit Gent (UGent, University of Ghent). ECOMAMA is an International Course Programme (ICP) co-financed by Vlaams Interuniversitaire Raad - University Development Cooperation (VLIR-UOS), which started in 1997-1998. Since its inception the programme has been continually adapting to ongoing developments in marine research, and has remained attentive to the changing needs and requirements of the student population. To date, more than 100 students have graduated as Masters in Ecological Marine Management.

    The diversity of professional, disciplinary and cultural backgrounds of both students and lecturers ensures that the ECOMAMA programme has a truly unique international character.

    Through UNICA we would like to advertise our ICP master programme in Europe. It would also be interesting to collaborate with other Marine Research groups or Marine master programmes in Europe. Perhaps we could exchange lectures with a specific expertise or organize seminars together…

    More information on the ECOMAMA master.
    For further information please consult the ECOMAMA website

  • MATILDA : the first Joint European Master Degree programme in Women's and Gender History

    MATILDA is the first joint European Master Degree programme in Women's and Gender History. It is being set up by a consortium of five European universities and links these institutions in an exciting, innovative and unique venture. The partner universities are the University of Vienna (coordinating institution), the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, the Université Lumière Lyon 2, the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest and the University of Nottingham.

    The programme will start in autumn 2008. Applications are welcome to the consortium university of the prospective student's choice.

    More information on the MATILDA master.
    For further information please consult the website run by the University of Vienna
    Contact : matilda.history@univie.ac.at

  • European PhD on Social Representations and Communication for the academic year 2008/09 program

    The European PhD on Social Representations and Communication represents a progressive educational curriculum for training early stage researchers through research in a scientific and paradigmatic field inspired by the Social Representations Theory and Communication studies. Although having a special focus on Social Psychology and media studies, it draws in a wide scientific community across continents and many disciplines dealing with social sciences, and it has created a Thematic Network of Excellence approved by the European Commission.

    The final title of the doctorate is issued by a consortium of five Universities in four European countries: University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy; University of Aix-Marseille I, France, University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iasi, Romania; University of Masaryk, Brno, Czech Republic; University "Paul Valéry", Montpellier III, France.

    The PhD, coordinated by the University of Rome "La Sapienza", is part of the cooperation with an institutional network of Universities in Austria, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. The Research Trainees have then access to a large number of academic infrastructures and are followed by national and international tutors in all the above mentioned countries. Besides, at the European PhD Multimedia Lab and Research Centre in Rome, they can participate in innovative scientific and didactic activities like the International Lab Meetings and Summer Schools, using technologically advanced resources.

    Below are the links to the announcement of the new openings and applications, that should be submitted within 10th May 2008. Our website provides all necessary information on the procedure of admission and on the regulations of PhD programmes at the University of "La Sapienza", and the following web page allows you to take a look at the didactic activities of the International Lab Meetings and Summer School. The application can be sent on-line through the new integrated registration system.

    New openings and applications

  • EURHEO - European Masters in Engineering Rheology : Erasmus Mundus grants

    EURHEO - European Masters in Engineering Rheology, recently selected by the European Commission within the ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme, opened the Call for Applications for its 1st edition (2008/2009). Students from outside the European Union can apply for excellent Erasmus Mundus grants.

    EURHEO aims at offering a pioneer advanced education programme on Rheology and its applications to different Engineering areas. EURHEO combines the expertise of seven leading European Universities in the field of Rheology and the syllabus is designed to provide its graduates with the necessary competences to understand the relevance of Rheology in Materials Science and Engineering and apply the knowledge gained in solving real-world Engineering problems both autonomously and included in multidisciplinary research teams.

    More information and application details about the European Masters in Engineering Rheology.

  • New Master programme in International Cooperation and Urban Development at University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

    The Erasmus Mundus Programme offers a 2 year, English taught, interdisciplinary Advanced Master's Course in International Co-operation and Urban Development operated by four leading European Universities, Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), the Università Tor Vergata in Rome, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona and the Université Pierre Mendés France in Grenoble, supported by the European Commission and which leads to a double degree. The offer also includes 18 scholarships for non-EU students (value € 42.000 - over two years each). The applicants should have a 4 year BA degree. Priority will be given to those specialised in economic and urban development or international cooperation and have professional working experience of a minimum one year.

    The deadline for non-European applicants - and especially for those applying for the ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship is January 15th, 2008. The deadline for EU students and others that missed the January deadline and come with their own funding is July 15th, 2008.

    For further information please see : www.mundus-urbano.eu.

  • Université Libre de Bruxelles - Microfinance Programme (EMP)

    We are glad to introduce to you the European Microfinance Programme (EMP), which was launched in September 2005. Since this academic year, it is recognized as a full Master degree (European Master in Microfinance). The programme is organized by four universities in Belgium, France and The Netherlands (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université de Mons-Hainaut, Université de Paris-Dauphine, and Wageningen Universiteit) and the non-governmental organisations ADA, CERISE, PlaNet Finance and SOS Faim.
    This international Master is aimed at students who want to complete a specialization in microfinance and acquire expertise by an internship in a developing country. It provides students with a multidisciplinary approach to the challenges facing the microfinance sector today.
    The classes are given in English. They take place in evenings during the week and on Saturday mornings.
    The European Master in Microfinance is welcoming graduate students specialized in management, sustainable development or development cooperation (Masters level (5 years), 300 ECTS or equivalent, with at least "Honours"). Former professional experience is also an asset.
    From the academic year 2008-2009 on, up to 12 scholarships are available from the Belgian CUD (Commission Universitaire pour le Développement) to students coming from developing countries. This scholarship covers the tuition fees, living expenses, return tickets and a few additional costs (see http://www.cud.be/content/view/343/212/lang,/).
    The new application form for 2008-2009 to fill out will soon be posted on our website : www.europeanmicrofinanceprogram.org. Meanwhile, the application form for 2007-2008, currently available on this website, serves as an example.
    In order to gain some time while waiting for the new application form to be put on the net, you could already procure an official copy of your university degree and of all transcripts (size A4 if possible), since often, this takes some time. These must include the seal and signature of the academic institution. You could also already apply, if wished, for the CUD scholarship.

    If you are interested in the European Master in Microfinance, please do not hesitate to ask for further information on this E-mail address: mlemmens@ulb.ac.be.
    For the EMP team, Marek Hudon, Scientific Coordinator.

  • We are pleased to present the UNICA EuroMaster "4 Cities" jointly organized by the University of Vienna, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Copenhagen, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The program was awarded the UNICA Joint Program Grant in 2004 and was financed by the European Commission, in the frame of the Curriculum Development project.
    More information can be found at www.4cities.eu

  • EMSA Zagreb (European Medical Students' Association) and SSCMA (Student Section of Croatian Medical Association) have teamed up once again to offer an unforgettable event to medical students – EMSA Summer School on "Emergency medicine" in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

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