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What is Webmail?

Webmail is a project from RESULB, The network team of Brussels University (ULB) and written by Michel Jansens.

Webmail allows you to check your electronic mailbox and send e-mails from any computer connected on the Internet with a web browser. The system has been tested with Mosaic 2.4 , Netscape 1.1, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 and with the more recent version of these programs.

How to use it?

Enter the URL http://www.ulb.ac.be/tools/webmail.html, enter your e-mail address, password and select the right POP server. The POP server is the machine that stores your incoming mail (it is your electronic Post Office).

Basically if your address is

  • myname@ulb.ac.be or myname@vub.ac.be, the POP server will be pop.ulb.ac.be
  • myname@resulb.ulb.ac.be, the POP server will be resu1.ulb.ac.be
  • myname@med.ulb.ac.be, the POP server will be erasme1.ulb.ac.be

Once connected you can view your new messages stored in the Post office, you can reply to messages, delete them or send a new message to someone. Please note that you won't be able to see the older messages you already have read with Eudora because these messages are stored on your office personal workstation and not on the server.


Webmail still has some limitations. We hope to remove them as soon as possible:
  • There is a limited support for MIME decoding, wich means that you won't see non text attachments nor send messages in that format.
  • Webmail is still in an early stage, it has been successfully tested for some time now, but there might still be some problems unknown to us. If you detect any, please report it to us.

Comments and problem report

If you experience a problem with Webmail or want to send your comments , please send e-mail to mjansens@ulb.ac.be

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